Portable Building

Setup and Blocking Agreement

I, the purchaser, agree and understand that I am solely responsible for purchasing the required number of blocks needed to set up and level the purchased portable building.

The customer also understands that if they fail to purchase these blocks, the delivery driver and company are not responsible for the building being unlevel.

The customer also understands that if the blocks are not present during delivery and they wish to have the setup done at a later date, they will be charged for a driver to return and finish setting up the building as desired. The fee for the driver to return is determined by the location and at the driver's sole discretion.

I, the purchaser, understand that the first two layers of blocking are free, and each layer of blocking over two incurs an additional $150.00 payable to the driver who is delivering and setting up the portable building.

I, the purchaser, have been instructed by the dealer on the required number of blocks needed for my building and fully understand these terms and conditions.

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